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We recommend Google Chrome as the web browser for online enrollment.

If your child attends a school in the Etiwanda School District, please do NOT complete the online enrollment process.  Your child will automatically roll to the next grade.  If the enrollment was submitted and an error is found, please do not enroll student again.  The school staff will be able to fix any error(s).

Online enrollment is NOT for CLOUDS.  Please visit the CLOUDS website for information on how to enroll in CLOUDS.

Welcome to the Online Student Enrollment for Etiwanda School District.  This website is the first step in the process to enroll a new student for school. You must have a valid address within the Etiwanda School District boundaries to use this system. Information about the student such as emergency contacts, medical, and language will be collected. Upon completion, the student's information is electronically sent to the school. 

Please click the Enroll a New Student button to enroll a new student.  Do not use all capital letters or nicknames.  Please use proper upper and lower case letters when entering information.

Enrollment confirmation and required paperwork will be accepted at the school office starting on July 24, 2019. 

Click the Login button if you would like to reprint or review students previously registered.


Enrollment is not complete until all required paperwork is submitted

to the school office.